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    6.30FIT CLASSGym30 Mins

    9.30SPINNINGSpin45 Mins

    9.30ZUMBA TONINGNBB 160 Mins


    10.00TENNIS SOCIALTennis180 Mins


    10.30YOGANBB 190 Mins

    18.15SPINNINGSpin45 Mins

    18.45BODY PUMPNBB 145 Mins

    18.30CORE ABSGym Floor30 Mins

    19.15SPINNINGSpin45 Mins

    19.30GRIT CARDIONBB 130 Mins

    20.00BADMINTON SOCIALMain Centre120 Mins

    20.00TENNIS ADULT IMPROVERSTennis120 Mins

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Paula Earl


In your own words, tell us how you got started or what inspired you into this industry?

I decided to train as a fitness instructor after loosing 5 stone in weight.  I had spent my teens and early 20’s at around size 14-16 then after having my first child  I ballooned to a size 20.  For years my weight yo-yoed.  I then had my second child five years later and I went up to a size 22.  Due to medical reasons I was advised to lose weight and at 29 having spent most of my 20’s overweight I joined Redbridge Sports and Leisure Centre as a 30th birthday present to myself and I have never looked back.  A year after joining I was 5 stone lighter and in the gym 4-5 times a week.  I discovered weight training and decided to do my training course because the gym became such an important part of my life.  I subsequently found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child before my training began but managed to get my GP to confirm that I was still okay to attend the course and started my training while pregnant.

When my son was 10 months old I was offered a Saturday morning Spin Class at Redbridge and 8 years later I am still teaching the Saturday morning class.

Today, I continue my  training and 4 years ago I trained as a Body Pump Instructor – which I love.  My passion is such that I have gone on to become an Advanced Pump Instructor and have an international Teaching Certificate.

I love Group Exercise, there are so many who see exercise as a chore, but when we all come together and work as a team its just fun fun fun!

I love what I teach, I love the music, and I love mixing with all types people  and it has never felt like a job.

What is so special about your classes?

Just yesterday I was told that my class are fun, energetic and also challenging. You would have to ask the members themselves why my classes are full, I like to think its because I am a professional, I am aware of individual abilities and I aim to help people reach achievable goals.  I get to know people and I also give a bit of myself.  I am not a machine but I like to work hard and believe that I am a good role model, also I do not take myself too seriously.

How do you make your classes enjoyable?

 I make my classes fun by working with my music if i can tie words of the song to the exercise or a teaching point I will, if I can add a few fun actions to the words of the song I will, and sometimes I just love to sing.  I have one lady who says she only comes for the singing.

You are always singing, why? 

I never sing through the whole track, I find that once I start teaching certain words are just perfect to sing they usually tie in where no teaching or technical points are needed and some tracks I don’t sing at all. Its a hard question to answer but the songs where I do sing, its always the same few words.

What has been your 3 greatest achievements to date?

Hmmmm… can I say my kids? I do have 3 after all!

Motivational words you use to encourage your class? 

Oh there are soooo many things I say when I teach, but if I were to pick anything it would be something that’s not really a saying or a quote, it would be the compulsory cue’s at the beginning of a pump class “HEELS UNDER HIPS, TURN YOUR TOES OUT SLIGHTLY, SOFTEN YOUR KNEES, BRACE YOUR ABS AND ROLL YOUR SHOULDER BLADES BACK AND DOWN TOWARDS YOUR SPINE” and the hour of fun begins! 🙂

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