“A pain in the neck”?!! – Sara Packard

“A pain in the neck”?!! – Sara Packard

Almost everyone at some point in their lives will have suffered from Neck pain. Sometimes they can’t explain how the pain came about: “I just woke up like it”. Other times, it could be a result of a car accident, i.e. whiplash, posture, repetitious exercise and lack of flexibility.


 Here we are going to look at a few tips to help that neck pain stay away:

* Sleeping. Check your pillow/s that you have in bed, are they giving your neck the support it needs? If you feel you need more support then check out Orthopedic pillows.

* Whether you are right handed or left. Repetitious use will at some point impact the arm which will also impact the neck muscles. The best way to get around this is very easy. Try to change arms! Start using your other arm more, it maybe strange at first but once you get used to it, works well.

* Posture whilst watching the TV…are you a sloucher? We are all guilty of it but try to check in with yourself a bit and sit upright, taking the load off your neck.

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* Computer set up. Does your screen match the levels of your eyes? At work have you ever had an ergonomic check? (set up of your chair and desk at work etc) If not, get in touch with your HR to get one sorted out. Work for yourself then go to: http://www.posturite.co.uk/posture-learning-resources/ergonomic-workstation-setup (posturite 2011)

This website shows you some great graphics on what you should have. They also supply a service, if you are not with a company and spend many hours at home then it is definitely worth a look at.

* Travelling to work on the tube or train? Try to swap over arms now and again to hold onto the hand rails, rather than stressing the same side of the neck all the time.



 * Being in a correct posture whilst lifting weights, whether standing or lying down on a bench is absolutely vital. Better to be in a good posture to lift weights that are slightly lighter than to lift heavier with your head slightly forward to help you lift. (Which is going to strain the neck muscles).

* Have you ever stretched your neck muscles? Do you know how to? Check out my link: http://fitnesstherapy4you.co.uk/stretching-advice/ On this page you will find two stretches that you can easily put into a routine.


* Wearing a handbag? Is it on the same shoulder all the time? Swap over arms. What’s going to happencanstockphoto10388519 is, just like this picture, your shoulder is going to constantly lift in order to keep the strap of the handbag in place. Doing this daily will cause extra workload on that area and neck. So get swapping arms!

* Carrying handbags on your elbows!! Putting strain on the neck to keep your elbow in the position it needs to be will at some point cause some damage.

* Carrier bags. Walking with carrier bags that are way too heavy again puts strain on the neck. Try to even the load out evenly whilst walking home etc.


I hope that this post has given you a few ideas on how to either improve your current pain or prevent it from happening.

Have a great week,


Sara Packard

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