My Graduation by Sara Packard

My Graduation by Sara Packard

4 years ago, this month I started a degree level course with the college of naturopathic medicine. The subjects I chose included: acupuncture and naturopathic studies. The courses took 3.5 years to complete and last July I finally finished. Celebrating my graduation this Saturday I decided that it would be a great opportunity to tell you all about what I have learnt, the skills I have gained and how it can help you when you make an appointment to see me in the clinic.

Here is a breakdown what I learnt on each course.

Acupuncture: I learnt Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Different channels within the body where qi, an energy force, flows. How channels can become problematic by lifestyle or illness and how we as acupuncturists can help. Skills learnt: how to diagnose a patient’s complaint by using TCM, looking at their tongue and reading their pulse. All this information then gets put together to then decide where the needles go to help the condition that the patient has come in for. Needling technique was learnt, how to pick up Qi whilst doing so, cupping, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion and auricular acupuncture (ear needling). All these skills are used to enhance a patient’s treatment.

Naturopathic studies, learnt: iridology, tissue salts, bach flowers and nutrition. Many years ago, I learnt nutrition, but this taught me all about different ways to help chronic conditions. What foods, supplements, detoxes etc can make a difference to helping the body naturally heal. Tissue salts are additional ways to help the body rebalance, I currently use these quite a lot in my fibromyalgia clinic. Bach flowers and iridology are extra ways to either diagnose or use to help someone on their journey.

There were many papers and exams along the way. My dissertation was based on fibromyalgia. I found this subject very interesting and If you don’t know already last September I set up a Tuesday clinic here at Redbridge which is for anyone that suffers with this. I have created a programme with acupuncture and naturopathic advice and so far, I have seen some great results.

What can be treated now in clinic?

The answer to this is almost anything! For the last 5 years that I have been at Redbridge you may know me better for helping those that are suffering with any type of pain or internal dysfunction using fascial manipulation therapy. Helping Injuries and general tightness using both kinesio taping and sports massage. But now as TCM is all about re balancing the body I can help with any internal or external problem you maybe suffering with. Here are just few examples to create a greater picture:

tinnitus, menopausal symptoms or menstruation problems. IBS, Pain from Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis. Sinusitis, depression, insomnia, anxiety, hay fever and the list can go on and on….

Acupuncture Discount!

To celebrate this occasion, Until March 31st this year I am offering 25 % discount off your initial consultation. The consultation also includes your first treatment. (Please be aware this is not applicable to the Fibromyalgia clinic and also the £5 off first treatment leaflet).

For updates, discounts please follow me on my website and social media platforms Fitness Therapy 4 you

To take advantage of this offer or If you want to know more, please get in touch through the below details:

Mobile:  07896123978


I hope to see you soon!


Sara Packard Dip. Ac, Dip. NA, Dip. Sp. MSMA, MBAcC Acupuncturist, Fascial Manipulation Therapy, Sports Massage Therapist & Naturopath

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