Neighbourhood Watch – Catalytic Converters


Neighbourhood Watch – Catalytic Converters

There is a local issue with the theft of Catalytic Converters from cars, and this has also occured at the Centre.

We have received the following advice from Neighbourhood Watch:


Catalytic converters, first find out if you have the old precious metal catalytic converter or the new ceramic catalytic converter.

i- replace it with a ceramic catalytic converter and sell the old precious metal converter before it gets stolen, you might make a profit.

ii- or simply replace it with a ceramic catalytic converter after the incident.

iii- you can mark it with Smartwater, discount code available from after registering.

iv- you can get a garage to wrap it in stainless steel wire which the reciprocating blades cannot cut easily.

v- some 3rd party vehicle alarms can alarm the catalytic converter also or add another alarm. – catalytic converter explained – NHW & South Derbyshire Police – catalytic converter security example – ceramic catalytic converter installation.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address:

Sadayeen Khan
Deputy Community Coordinator
Neighbourhood Watch

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