Training to reach your personal goals by Danny Salfairso

Training to reach your personal goals by Danny Salfairso


Frequent concerns of clients that have occurred from day 1 in my job seem to be “They don’t want to get to get “too big” Or too muscular or they don’t want to look like myself .

There seems to be an idea that:

* If you lift weights you get bigger.


* the heavier you lift to bigger you get.

It really isn’t that easy to get muscular very quickly. But yet some people think they can . Particularly people who are not actually muscular – it’s all very confusing to me!!

The point of This article is to straighten things out a little .

First of all – trainers don’t train you to look like us . We train you to reach your goal, whatever that may be.


Why do guys /girls think that putting on muscle is easy?

The most logical reason for me is this. A woman may lift some weights i.e: bicep curls, her biceps fill with blood (which is known as the pump) her arms expands . She will continue to feel pumped for a few hours , it will also feel harder (toned) for a few more days giving her the impression she has gained muscle. Unfortunately for her, she hasn’t.  She now has to do the hard part of making that muscle repair and get sufficient rest.

Same even more so for guys they will pump up and think new muscle has been accumulated – think again guys.

Why is building muscle so bad anyway? It’s not! The more muscle you have the faster your resting metabolism for a start. Which means your fat burning potential is greater .


What else does lifting weights do?

* It releases endorphin

* prevents osteoporosis

*  increases testosterone ( which is an amazing thing)

*  helps regulate insulin better

*  helps against bad cholesterol

*  with correct form gives your better posture.

There are loads more I don’t want to get side tracked!! .


So why is building muscle harder than people think Danny ?

Because there are so many factors involved. Such as, Training regime ,Hormones Recovery time , Gender Body structure /type Diet Metabolism


So what are you saying Danny?

What I am saying is, train with the attitude like you want to build muscle . Particularly if your goal is fat loss. This way when you lose body fat you will not sacrifice muscle( which leads to slow metabolism) Have a PT write a diet that will help you lose body fat. If your calories are in a deficit  you will not become too muscular .

Lose the fear guys enjoy your workouts and train hard always!




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