You can book NOW!

You can book NOW!

You can book NOW!

Bookings are now open for many of our indoor activities, you are already able to book for Saturday 25th July; in line with advanced booking entitlements members will see each subsequent day open for booking from tomorrow onwards.

All details on registering for online bookings and guides of how to book using Connect (Online bookings) or through RSL Mobile app can be found at or within the app itself, which is the easiest way to make bookings.

You can use this guide to make your first bookings.

If you are a member and do not have online bookings login details please email to request them.

Non-members can click HERE to register for online bookings access

1. Click on the Gym Bookings tab for which area you which to book:

2. Pick which DATE and TIME SLOT you wish to book and click on that selection:

3. Confirm you have the correct timeslot and click BOOK

4. If you have not previously logged in on the app, you will need to do so using your Online Bookings account details

5. Once logged in it will confirm that your chosen Gym session has been successfully booked


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