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    MONDAY6.30 AM – 11.00 PM

    TUESDAY6.30 AM – 11.00 PM

    WEDNESDAY6.30 AM – 11.00 PM

    THURSDAY6.30 AM – 11.00 PM

    FRIDAY6.30 AM – 11.00 PM

    SATURDAY8.00 AM – 9.00 PM

    SUNDAY8.00 AM – 10.00 PM

  • Saturday's Timetable


    9.30SPINNINGSpin45 Mins

    9.30GRIT STRENGTHNBB 130 Mins

    10.00TENNIS SOCIALCts 1-2180 Mins

    10.00SQUASH SOCIALCts 6-7120 Mins

    10.30SPINNINGSpin45 Mins

    10.15EXPRESS CIRCUITNBB 145 Mins

    11.30KARATENBB 1150 Mins

    19.00SNAC MULTI-CLUBAll120 Mins

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    ADDRESSForest Road, Barkingside, Essex IG6 3HD

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions





All memberships are non-transferable and the Executive Board reserves the right to reject any application for membership. All annual memberships are valid for 1 year from the date of joining, and are non-refundable. All monthly memberships are subject to 3 months written notice of cancellation. Annual memberships are subject to 30 days written notice of cancellation prior to renewal. Use is subject to the availability of facilities at all times. There is often a high demand for facilities and Redbridge Sports & Leisure cannot guarantee immediate access to facilities. Booking is strongly recommended.


These cover the period between joining and the first direct debit payment being drawn from the bank as well as the administrative costs involved. Should the direct debit payments lapse, full payment in cash will be required prior to re-instatement. An administration fee of £10 will be charged to re-instate membership if Direct Debit payments lapse on more than one occasion or if mandate is cancelled.



Membership swipe cards should be used to swipe into the building. Members swiping through in this manner may then proceed to pay for their activity if applicable. Members choosing not to swipe through will still be asked to show membership cards, before being granted access. There is a charge for replacement of a lost membership card. It is a condition of membership that your photo is taken and stored on our database as a form of identification throughout your membership.


Non-members must pay a day membership fee (except for indoor tennis) for their appropriate activity. A maximum of two non-members playing badminton, outdoor tennis and squash/racketball will be charged day membership fees. Non-members taking part in non-racket activities pay a non-racket day membership fee. Off Peak members must pay the appropriate day membership fee if they wish to use the facilities at peak times.

  • LAPSED MEMBERSHIPS (Only applicable to non-direct debit memberships)

Any lapsed member who decides to re-join is subject to a joining fee or can opt to have their membership backdated to the expiry date in which event no joining fee is charged.


Redbridge Sports & Leisure may opt out of the Network at any time. This will affect any member whose membership includes the use of external facilities as indicated in the Ultra UK literature. Members will be notified prior to any changes.



Membership available for full-time students aged 17 to 21 upon proof of ID. Student verification will be required by producing your National Union of Students card and a letter from your School, College, or University confirming you are a student. Membership will automatically change should you no longer be a student. RS&L reserves the right to restrict times of entry & advanced booking privileges for Student Ultra members as deemed necessary with no less than 30 days’ notice in writing. All Student Ultra members will be contacted in writing in the event of any changes to the T&C’s of their membership.


Membership available for ages 14 – 16 upon proof of age ID. Membership will automatically change to adult Ultra price on the closest direct debit date after 17th birthday. RS&L reserves the right to restrict times of entry & advanced booking privileges for Youth Ultra members as deemed necessary with no less than 30 days’ notice in writing. All Youth Ultra members will be contacted in writing in the event of any changes to the T&C’s of their membership.


Reds membership entitles its holder to the full range of benefits of the Badminton, Squash & Racketball and Hockey clubs at Redbridge Sports and Leisure. Junior and student annual members may purchase membership for specific clubs on an annual basis.


Must be paid in one instalment and offers the equivalent benefits to that of Principal membership. Juniors with Family Life membership must take out their own membership when they reach 17 years of age.




Keep Fit classes may be booked immediately after the class in person or by telephone 30 minutes after the class has finished for the class the following week. The online booking system for courts becomes available 10 days in advance from 12 midnight. The online system for classes becomes available 8 days in advance from 12 midnight.


Non-members may book sessions and facilities on the day of use. The online booking system for courts & classes becomes available from 12 midnight on the day of use.


All court bookings must be made before reception closes which is 1 hour before the centre closes.


When booking a court the Executive members’ name is put on half/quarter of the court and the opponent/s must pay for the other half/three quarters (or put their Executive number/s against it) prior to the start of the booking. If the booking is made by a non-direct debit member the full court payment is required or the opponents’ Executive number must be quoted whereby only half the court need be paid. If the whole court is paid for by another and an Executive opponent is then arranged a credit for half the court cost will be allowed to the payee. There is no court charge for Executive members having coaching.


You can only book one court per day. The ABC is NOT a Centre Membership. The ABC is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.



Redbridge Sports & Leisure hold Centre, National, County and Club events, throughout the year. Advance notification will be given to members of such events. All players on Junior Club courts must be Junior Tennis Club Members.


Each member can book 1 hour with his/her membership per sport – to book another hour, another name and membership number is required. If, throughout the night, another court is required, individuals must come to Reception where they will be allocated one according to availability. On the night: If the person who has advanced booked the court does not turn up, the court can then be re-booked (there will be a 15 minute waiting period) and the no show person will be liable to pay the full court rate. Normal booking rules apply.


Management reserve the right to move your court/pitch without notice and replace with one equivalent at the same day and time. Should we be unable to do so you will be notified in advance of your court booking.




  • PAY AS YOU GO USERS                                                                                

Courts and class places cancelled will be put up for re-sale. If the court or place has already been paid for and is re-sold a credit will be recorded for the payee and can be used to pay for another session at a later time. If the court or place cannot be sold the charge will stand. All credits expire after 3 months.



If a session is cancelled and is re-sold there is nothing to pay and any fees paid by a non-direct debit opponent (where applicable) will be credited in line with the cancellation policy above. If the session is not re-sold the Direct Debit Member will be charged according to published pricing. This is to encourage sensible booking. If a cancelled court is not re-sold the Executive member will be charged for half the court.



In the event that a member cannot attend a booked court, they must cancel the court in advance giving us much notice as possible. Failure to do so will result in the full court payment being charged. Courts will be released 10 minutes after the start time if no one turns up for the court and the member booking the court will be charged a non-cancellation fee (the standard court fee for that period).



In order to ensure fair access to courts for all users, during periods of heavy usage, Management shall apply the following rules:



A maximum of two courts may be booked per member per day for Badminton, Squash & Outdoor Tennis. A maximum of one court per member per day applies to Indoor Tennis bookings.

  • GYM


Use of cardiovascular and resistance equipment is limited to 20 minutes during busy periods. During peak hours each training session is restricted to 1 hour, beginning and ending on the hour.



Members may book a maximum of 3 evening classes + 3 morning classes. Members may only join consecutive and/or additional classes if there is a space available at the beginning of the class. Any available spaces in a class will be offered to the members on the waiting list first for the following week.



All bookings must be paid for within two days or the booking will become void. Courts not paid for by their due time will be removed from the booking sheets, in line with the cancellation policy.

  • FEES

All membership fees should be paid in full by the due date. Subscription and court fees are reviewed on an annual basis




It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that their medical condition is satisfactory for the activity they wish to pursue.


Sauna and Steam may be used by all members on payment of the appropriate fee and who meet the required age of 18 years. The rooms are available to men and women and swimsuits must be worn at all times. Off Peak members may not use the steam and sauna at peak times.


It is not permitted to retail sports goods or re-stringing of rackets within Redbridge Sports & Leisure, without prior authorisation of the Management Team.


In accordance with government legislation smoking is prohibited in all areas of Redbridge Sports & Leisure.


All food and drink consumed at Redbridge Sports and Leisure must be purchased on the premises.


Appropriate clothing should be worn for all activities. Non-marking trainers should be worn when participating in sports. Studs, blades or moulded boots must not be worn on the artificial grass pitches. Sports tops must be worn at all times when participating in sporting activity. Centre users wishing to socialise in the bar are expected to have showered and changed prior to drinking in the Sports Page Bar.


Coaching may only take place if it is by one of the Centre’s licensed coaches or trainers or if it has been previously authorised by the Management. Coaching is classified as the provision of performance related sport information for an individual or group whether it is paid or unpaid. All users receiving coaching are responsible for payment of the appropriate court fee and the coaching fee.

  • GYM

All users of the gym must have completed an induction. Non-members must be a registered user. Towels must be used on all machinery and should be provided by the individual user. Minimum age of gym users is 14. Members may book gym use up to 10 days in advance (strongly recommended at peak times).



All persons entering Redbridge Sports & Leisure or representing the Centre in any capacity are expected to adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship and to behave with due consideration towards other users, staff and the facilities at all times. Entry to the facilities is conditional on such agreement.



Under 14’s are not permitted on the premises after 7.30pm unless they are participating in an organised activity or have the consent of the Management. Under 18’s are not permitted in the Sports Page Bar. Junior Course participants must be junior members of the Centre. Juniors may not use the steam or sauna facilities. Children under 7 must be supervised at all times unless participating in an organised activity. Juniors can book, in advance, peak time courts but will be subject to payment of the full adult court rate.


Failure to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions of membership may result in the revoking of your membership by the Management Team.





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