Booking Guide


Details on how to make a online booking are shown below:

Registering for online bookings

MEMBERS are required to register for their login and password by sending an email to

NON-MEMBERS can log on to the following page to register for online bookings

Making a booking (click on image to view enlarged version)

1. Once you have logged in to make a booking on the MEMBER CONNECT page. Click the make a booking tab:


2. The make a booking tab will take you to the following page below highlighting the different types of bookings that can be made:


3. Currently the following sports and activities can be booked online:


4. After selecting the activity you wish to book, each timeslot is shown as below:

Session Options

5. Having chosen the timeslot, the detailed booking slot is show – press BOOK to make your booking:


6. Having selected BOOK, you will be shown the following screen to confirm your booking:


7. Having confirmed the booking, you will then be shown a completed bookings screen and confirmation will also be sent by email: