Recreation Assistant Information


The purpose this page is to provide additional information to assistance with your performance of your job together with providing information such as rotas, policies and procedures.  If you have any ideas of information that you would like to see on this page to help the team please email

 Wayne Alexander (Manager)


Please note below is the URL link to the rota so you will be able to see what shifts you a working.  You will see the word CONFIRMED written at the top each which will let you know the days information has been confirmed and the team can take it as who will be working.  

Recreation Assistant Rota  (Please navigate selecting weekly or month views should you want to see more than just one day)


Please ensure you are giving at least four weeks notice for holidays and that any holidays must be confirmed by the Manager before booking any flights or hotels to avoid incurring costs should the holiday request be refused for operational reasons or the fact that other members of staff have booked holiday in advance of yours.

Shift swaps

 Ensure any shifts changes are authorised before taking place.  For confirmation once the shift swap is approved the rota online will be amended to show the change.  If you do not receive confirmation of your request by the Manager or shift the shift changed on the rota you must contact the Manager on  Should you not obtain authorisation for shift swaps you will be required to explain why and your payment for that shift may be delayed.