Junior Course Programme Q & A

Junior Course Programme Q & A

Junior Course Programme Q & A

Junior Course Programme Q & A
1. How to know when to pay for the child’s course?

You will receive a confirmation booking email advising you that your child has been booked onto a course.  You will also receive reminders emails until your child’s course is paid.
2. How to pay for my child’s course and membership?

Click on the link for more information.
3. How to reset or change my password?

Click on the link below for more information:

4. How do I check my email address is up to date?

Click on the link below for more information: 

5. How do I check when the next cycle starts?

The next month’s courses will be added at least two weeks before the start of the next monthly course.  If you log on through the renewals tab, add in your username and password, go to the menu, and click my bookings.  You should find all your child’s bookings listed together with the date and time.
6. How often do I need to pay for my child’s course fees?

You will need to pay monthly via the online portal Online Booking (leisurecloud.net), or through the RSL Mobile app (downloadable on the apple and google app stores and in person at the reception desk.  We recommend paying via the online portal or the RSL Mobile app.   

Can I keep my place for my child when we go on holiday.

Unfortunately, it is the Centre’s policy that any spaces held while on holiday will need to be paid for in full to retain the place in the class.
8. Where do I find the RSL Mobile app to download? 

Scan the QR code for more information:

9. Who do I contact If I have a query?

If it is an account, fees, and charges query email:      Jamie@rslonline.co.uk
If it is a membership query email:                                Di@rslonline.co.uk
If I have an app or online query email:                         Info@rslonline.co.uk
If you have a Customer Services query email:                  Customerservices@rslonline.co.uk
If it is to do with the lesson, email the Development Officer for the sport
Badminton              Martin@rslonline.co.uk
Gymnastics            Paige@rslonline.co.uk

Tennis                   Jack@rslonline.co.uik
Football                Jamie@rslonline.co.uk
Child Protection queries:   


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