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Academy of Sport

Academy of Sport

What is Academy of Sport?

RSL Academy of Sports is a new half term holiday camp from Redbridge Sports and Leisure. Focusing on specific sports coaching and competition Academy of Sport could be the start of a child’s pathway to sporting success.

Academy of Sport will be focused on providing children with structured coaching throughout the week incorporating warm up drills, main themes, and competitions. All sessions will be led by specialised sports coaches in each individual sport, the coaching team will provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to children
helping them learn new skills and add to their skill set.

What Sports are Included?

Table Tennis


Tennis is a fun, competitive game to be enjoyed. Our team of passionate coaches structure sessions to develop junior’s abilities around the court. At Redbridge all
children, regardless of their ability or age, are invited to take part in a sport they can enjoy throughout their lives. We provide all children with a great way to exercise, socialise and enjoy being active. Junior tennis course run 7 days a week at RSL with a clear pathway from beginner to performance within the centre structure.


It’s officially the fastest racket sport in the world, with the shuttle reaching speeds of up to 180 mph (the same speed as the Eurostar!). We offer the chance for juniors to come and join the most played racket sport in the U.K, with almost 1 million regular players. At Academy of Sport we offer Junior Badminton sessions to players of all standards. Our aim is to deliver quality coaching sessions to every player we see and make them the best player they can be.

Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong is a fast, requiring quick reaction sport. An Olympic sport that is becoming more and more popular takes its rightful place in the Academy of Sport. Sessions will be structured to teach the basic grips and shot techniques then allowing juniors to play a full competitive game.


The most played sport on the planet football comes to academy of sport as one of our core team sports. Using skill, communication and team skills football is a
great sport to get involved in. Our talented football coaches will cover all areas of the game from skilled defending to first class goal scoring. RSL also offers weekly football coaching for juniors who want to take their game to the next level.


Netball has quickly become one of the most popular sports to play at RSL and the extremely popular school holiday netball classes will be part of the Academy
of Sport programme. Combining catching, throwing and movement skills with tactics and teamwork netball is a good to be enjoyed by all. RSL runs weekly netball classes that provides links to clubs involved in regular matches and competitions.


One of the world’s most popular recreational sports basketball brings together a combination of speed, skill, agility, balance, and tactics. Interested in becoming a basketball superstar or maybe you simply want to know the rules so you can follow the game? In either case, you’re in the right place. Our coaching team will break down all the rules of the game and help you learn the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, and playing defence. Basketball will be available for both age groups with indoor and outdoor sessions.

Individual Sport Bookings

Throughtout select weeks Academy of Sports also gives the option of individual sport bookings. This means you can book just to attend one particular sport for that 90 minute session rather than a whole day or week. So for keen footballers or tennis players that just want to focus on improving in that one sport they can attend just all the football or tennis sessions through the summer. Individual
sport bookings are available for netball, football, tennis and badminton. Please enquire for more details about what dates we will be offering individual sports bookings.

Coaching Team

Our Academy of Sport coaching team is built up with coaches and helpers who have experience in a vast array of sports. Lead coaches are qualified in coaching
 sports such as football, tennis, netball, badminton and more. Our helpers are all keen on sports and are looking to start their journey into coaching. All staff are
enhanced DBS checked and have completed safeguarding training.

How to book

Bookings will be available for the whole week which would include 15 sporting sessions. This is the best option for children to experience and test their skills at all that Academy of Sport has to offer. Single day bookings are also available for those wanting to do particular days and sports.

Bookings are available by visiting our reception team or calling 0208 498 1000.

You can also email to book or if you have any questions.

All bookings must have a completed booking form. It is strongly advised to book in advance as on the day bookings may not be accepted.


Weeklong (5 days) 9:30am to 3:30pm

Members- £102
Non Members- £110.20

Day Bookings 9:30am to 3:30pm

Members- £28.85
Non Members- £30.90

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