Racket Courts – Fair Usage/Attendance

Racket Courts - Fair Usage/Attendance

Racket Courts – Fair Usage/Attendance

To all members
Due to high demand for racket courts, especially at peak times; Management continue to review our processes around bookings and cancellations, and for the benefit of all users we wish to remind all rackets players of the systems in place to ensure courts are fairly booked and used.
There is also a concern over an increased number of “No Shows” where courts are booked but no players attend and this will be addressed in line with the existing T&Cs.
1 Where courts come with a charge, this must be paid in full at the time of booking or risk immediate cancellation without notice. NB. Cancellation or amendment to paid courts can only be made at reception at Management discretion. 

2 “All Exec” courts should have additional names (accurate to the members due to play) as early as possible in the booking process and no later than 4 hours prior to play otherwise they will be cancelled. We acknowledge the systemic shortfall in not being able to use bookings platforms (online or app) to add a second/further players to the court but this configuration is not available to us so still requires a call (020 8498 1010) email (bookingsadmin@rslonline.co.uk) or by visiting reception to confirm additional players details. NB. A new upgraded phone system is to be installed early in the new year which will assist with call management and monitoring. 

3 All members playing on court must “attend” their booking, by swiping their membership card on arrival through a turnstile (a maximum of 30 minutes before their booking start time) or by visiting reception to confirm attendance. Non-attendance and confirmed “No Shows” will result in a dishonour charge being applied to all applicable member accounts (equivalent to half of the member court rate). NB. Any arrival later than 10 minutes after the booking time will be considered a “No Show” and charges shall apply. 

Please note that Court bookings may be restricted due to unpaid dishonour fees, and repeat occurrences may result in temporary loss of access to the online bookings.
We are also trialling a discounting incentive scheme in the New Year to reward new members who consistently book and attend for every visit – we hope that the success of this trial will lead to a wider member rewards scheme which will be to the benefit of all users in the longer term.
We thank you all for your ongoing support and understanding as we seek to provide fair access to courts for all users.
Management Team
Redbridge Sports and Leisure
0208 498 1010

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